Summer 2021 Recreation Programs

Summer Programs run July and August.
From fitness classes, to dance, tennis drills, and everything in between you can now view our program offerings.
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Youth Programs

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To register for a program:

  • Copy the program code (e.g. 863521)
  • Go to the False Creek Park Board registration page and paste the program code into the ‘Search by keyword OR number’ field, then click the ‘Search’ button.
  • In order to register, you will need to create an account, if you don’t already have one.

False Creek Youth Office Contact

Youth Leader: Tamara Morrison

Phone: 604-257-8155



Please take note of the program specific details as listed below:

Parents/Guardians dropping off and picking up their child must do so at the entrance of the centre and designated exit of the program.

The centre is no longer available for drop-in and the lounge remains closed. Please only arrive up to 15 minutes prior to your program otherwise you will be asked to wait outside or return closer to the program start time.

Enhanced cleaning protocols are in place and equipment will be disinfected between programs.

Each program participant will be placed in a designated spot that has been cleaned for their use during the program. Program participants must remain in their designated spot and may not enter any other participant’s spot to maintain social distancing and safety measures.

At the start of each program, the program leader will inform participants of the room flow, entrance, exits and pathways to the bathroom and water fountain to ensure any movement in the program is completed in a safe manner.

There will be no sharing of equipment during programs unless items have been disinfected between uses by the program leader.

Program participants are encouraged to bring pre-filled water bottles to minimize the amount of program movement that may cause disruption to a class for nearby participants trying to maintain a social distance.

Program participants are asked to minimize the items they bring with them as they will be given a bin to store their items during the program. Bins will be disinfected before and after the program.

Participants in programs that take place outdoors should dress weather appropriate. In the event of extreme weather conditions, the program will remain inside.

Participants in programs that take place outdoors are required to wear a mask during the outdoor portion of their program as precise social distancing measurements (2 metres) may be difficult to maintain.

For more information please contact: False Creek Community Centre or the Youth Leader.Youth Leader Contact: Tamara at 604.257.8155 or


Community Youth Development at False Creek CC

Youth services at False Creek Community Centre is a partnership between the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation and the False Creek Community Association.

The Youth Leader at False Creek Community Centre focuses on developing programs that reflects the principles of the CYD in City of Vancouver; accessible, collaborative, and inclusive. Youth are involved with volunteer opportunities, social activities and program planning in a respectful atmosphere where they are able to implement and work on their decision making skills.

Did you know that False Creek Youth Programs are the most affordable recreational programs in the Granville-Fairview Area?

FCCC offers after-school programs for youth grades 5-12 at very low and affordable rates!


Youth Programs


Youth Adventures Summer Day Camp (11-15 yrs)
Looking to have fun this summer? This camp is perfect for youth who want to make the most of their summer break. Come enjoy a mix of exciting summer activities, community service and learn some leadership skills while making new friends! Schedule of weekly activities and out-trips and parental consent forms will be available and posted on our website by early June. Waiver forms must be completed and returned by the 1st day of camp.
Instructor: Youth Leader
M Tu W Th F Jul 05-Jul 09 10:30am-2:30pm
326840 $99/5 sess
M Tu W Th F Jul 12-Jul 16 10:30am-2:30pm
326845 $99/5 sess
M Tu W Th F Jul 19-Jul 23 10:30am-2:30pm
326846 $99/5 sess
M Tu W Th F Jul 26-Jul 30 10:30am-2:30pm
326847 $99/5 sess
M Tu W Th F Aug 09-Aug 13 10:30am-2:30pm
326848 $99/5 sess
M Tu W Th F Aug 16-Aug 20 10:30am-2:30pm
326849 $99/5 sess
M Tu W Th F Aug 23-Aug 27 10:30am-2:30pm
326850 $99/5 sess


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