True or False Walking Game - 3.2km What is it? An interactive game with qr codes from false creek community centre to Science world. Participants learn about False creek’s past, present and future. True or false creek focuses on promoting a beginner understanding of sustainability. It teaches people about how false creek came about, its importance and history to first nations people, as well as sustainability issues. It is intended to be a start to future conversations about sustainability, an important aspect To our city’s future. Who can play? People of all ages! You just need a phone or other electronic device (and data/a wifi connection). How to play Head down to false creek and start the game at either false creek community centre or science world. Follow the blue signs posted along the creek (you will have to search in shop windows, on fences, near the marina etc). There are 5 questions in total: heart, star, diamond, square and Circle. Be a sustainability detective; try to find Them all! When? The game goes live july 17th and runs until the end of october. Join us at false creek community centre on launch day from 10am-12pm; the first 100 people will get a special prize: freezies! Stickers are also available.