True or False Creek Walking Game-3.7km

Welcome to True or False Creek game focusing on promoting an understanding of sustainability. Follow the blue signs to Science World or False Creek Fishermen’s Wharf.

There are 6 questions in total: Be a sustainability detective; try to find them all!

Concept and design by Alexa Bailey. Thanks to the participating community groups who provided questions and answers, and support. Thanks also to organizations who act as stations for the Walk, posting our signage.

In 1800s, much of this area was under water.


















You can see from this model that in 1893 False Creek was much longer!  False Creek reached all the way to Clark Drive before a number of huge infill projects reduced its size.

BUT, this story is not over as you can see from the Sierra Club future model!


Take Time To – Figure out…

From where you’re standing, would your feet be wet if it is… 1893? 2075?

Why are there strips of blue colour on Cambie Bridge pillars?

PHOTO CREDIT: M. Butschler

A False Creek project marks the midpoint of sea rise estimates (5 metres) based on the IPCC’s AR 4 report (2007), These painted chromatic blue stripes on Cambie Bridge’s pilings can also be seen on the lampposts near Cooper’s Park. The IPCC’s next global climate report, AR 6, will be released soon

Have you seen a sign about it?


PHOTO Credit: M. Butschler

Wading in deeper

Interested in learning more and even helping record rising sea levels?
Find out more at:
Have you heard of the Sea2City initiative for False Creek? Check out:

PHOTO CREDIT: M. Butschler Taken during a high tide plus storm surge pushing up sea water onto the seawall January 7, 2022 (Science World in background)

Clue for Next Question:

Going West

Find the waterpark. Right beside it is a community centre. Your next clue can be found in the door window.

Clue for Next Question:

Going East

Find the next question where plates and bowls are made.