It’s True!

Want to be sure of your facts about the Creek – e.g.,  status of fish, or sea level rise, or some history on fire, or…?

Next time you’re out for a south shore Creek walk, find the QR Codes on the Game’s signage!
Five original special groups in the community contribute to your fun and growing sustainability awareness by displaying signage posters – including False Creek Community Centre (FCCC) who generously hosts the webpages you see.

If you have keen eyes you can detect our signs also at Science World, Creekside Community Centre, Claytek Pottery Studios, and  Spruce Harbour Marina (Co-op).  A new station on the other side of FCCC, False Creek Fishermen’s Wharf brings to you an extra, bonus 6th question!

Enjoy and “take time” with friends and family to discover what’s True or False about the Creek!