Tennis & Sports Courts on Granville Island


The Tennis courts (two) and Sports court (one) are available for general use on a first come first serve basis. A 30 minute limit is placed on the court once a person indicates that they would like to use the court. All courts are lit until 10:00pm. There may be some court closures due to lessons and/or tournaments.



Play tennis at any level and we have a program for you. Registration for Beginner and Novice is limited to 6 players and 4 players maximum for all instructional and drill programs.

About our Instructor

Gord Hauka has been instructing Tennis Programs in Vancouver for over 20 years. Gord and all of the instructors are committed to providing enjoyable fun lessons and enthusiastic instruction to all players and participants. Classes follow the Levels outlined by Tennis Canada’s Skill Rating System and a Program. Curriculum developed by Gord that is directed specifically to improve the skills, play and performance of Recreational Tennis Players.


Level 1.0-1.5 Beginner Lessons

The introduction to Tennis that was made for fun. Run, hit & lots of fun! Players will learn the basics of all Tennis Strokes, Stretches, Rules, the how to’s of Practice and Play, the fun, fitness and laughter that comes with learning the Game For Life.

Level 2.0-2.5 Novice Lessons

The next level for the player who has completed Level 1.0-1.5 or who has some playing experience, but has not had the benefit of gentle, supportive correction to work on mistakes that delay their game’s progress. Focus on basic strokes, consistency and techniques.

Level 2.5-3.5 Lower Intermediate Skills

The level most recreational players get stuck at. This class will focus on the skill development and the practice principals required to get you on to 3.0-3.5. Assessment of technique for all strokes, introduction to Top Spin and slice groundstrokes, spin serves and slice volleys. Development of individual Singles and Doubles play, practice principals and strategies.

Level 2.5-3.5 Lower Intermediate Drills/ Workout

A 2.5-3.5 player can consistently: Rally 6-8 Balls in 15 seconds from baseline to baseline; Serve using a full service motion on 1st serve with a Throwing action and full upward extension at impact; Serve with 40% consistency Volley on both sides using a Catching Action and maintain balance throughout the shot and can direct in an evil way the forehand volley. Drills are based on game situations and will assist players in the development of points, mental focus and strategies in singles and doubles play.

Level 3.5+ Skills and Drills

A 3.5 Player can consistently: Rally 8-10 Balls in 15 seconds from baseline to baseline with topspin on the forehand; Full service motion on 1st and 2nd serves to an opponent’s FH or BH with 60% consistency; Slice a 2nd serve; Direct FH and BH volleys ; and punch balls with power on FH Volley while maintaining a balanced sideways position and good impact point. Drills and more drills emulating game situations and the consistency required to develop an individual style of play.


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