True or False Creek Walking Game-3.2km

Welcome to True or False Creek game focusing on promoting an understanding of sustainability. Follow the blue signs to False Creek Community Centre or Science World.

There are 5 questions in total: Be a sustainability detective; try to find them all!

Concept and design by Alexa Bailey. Thanks to the participating community groups who provided questions and answers, and support.

Whales have been spotted in False Creek.

Two killer whales swim in False Creek. In the background is the north-side of False Creek community in the City of Vancouver.

Photo by Jeff Wilson


Although it isn’t often, at least 2 different types of whales have been seen in False Creek.
June 2019: A pod of killer whales decided to visit; May 2010, a grey whale was seen swimming all the way up to Science World!

Take Time To – Look out at the water. Spot any whales or maybe a seal?

Fun Facts: Killer Whales:

  • Also called orcas, they are part of dolphin family.
  • Found in every ocean.
  • They have the most varied diet of marine mammals.
  • For West Coast Indigenous People, orcas are said to symbolize family, romance, long life, harmony, travel, community, and they are also known as the lord of the ocean.

Fun Facts: Grey Whales:

  • Females give birth to baby whales (calves) that start off being about 4.9 metres (16 feet)!
  • They grow to be a maximum length of 15 metres or 49 feet!
  • They migrate more than 10,000 km each way; the longest known migration route of any mammal.
  • They mostly eat off the ocean floor – called – “bottom feeders”

Clue for Next Question:

Going West

Find the Creekside Community Centre, scan the QR code then head to the island with large rock stepping stones leading to it.