Preschool & Children’s Programs Winter 2022

Programs that run January to March are now open for viewing online! See below to view all programs Winter registration starts on...

The Fitness Centre is open!

Fitness Centre Visit our two level Fitness Centre! Get started on that active lifestyle in the False Creek Fitness Centre, the best kept secret on Granville Island. Improve or maintain your fitness...

Preteen & Youth Programs Winter 2022

Preteen & Youth Winter Programs Registration starts on Saturday December 11

28th Annual Winter Solstice Lantern Festival
(All Ages)- Dec 21

The winter solstice marks the gentle shift of our planet’s eternal relationship with the sun. This dance of sun and earth has inspired celebrations of the human spirit, expressed through art and...

Are you ready to play the True or False Creek Walking Game?

Are you ready to play to True or False Walking Game – 3.2 km?

Senior’s Programs Winter 2022

Programs that run January to April are now open for viewing online!
Winter registration starts on Saturday, December 11.

Adult Programs Winter 2022

Programs that run January to April  are now open for viewing online!
Winter registration starts on Saturday, December 11.

Special Events & Family Programs

Programs that run January to April are now open for viewing online!
Winter Solstice, Birthday Parties & Parent & Tot Gym
Winter registration starts on Saturday, December 11.

Winter 2022 Recreation Programs

Winter Programs run January to April
Registration starts Saturday, December 11.
From fitness classes, to dance, tennis drills, and everything in between you can now view our program offerings.

Personal Training

We are offering Personal Training again in our Fitness Centre (time slots must be booked by the trainer).

Fitness is for Everyone!

Become aware of the benefits an active life can grant. Research has shown that a fitness lifestyle improves muscular balance, circulation, boosts the immune system and combats stress, fatigue, hypertension, depression and obesity.

Let our staff assist you in creating a fitness lifestyle for yourself.

Our fitness professionals work with you to identify goals, customize a specific program & maximize the benefits of your training routine. Personal Training Packages include the option of 1, 3, 5 or 10 sessions & the option to ‘Train with a Friend’. Age requirement is 16+ years old.

Individual sessions are 1 hour & 2 person sessions are 1.25 hours.

*Please allow 3-5 business days from the date of sessions purchased for the Trainer to contact you.

Complete and return our personal training information package and return it to our front desk. We then contact the personal trainer of your choice so that they may contact you for a scheduled appointment. All instructors are certified BCRPA Trainers.

1 client (private training)

2 clients (semi-private)

1 session


3 sessions


3 session


5 session


5 session


10 sessions


10 session


GST excluded in fees.
Prices subject to change.


Our Trainers

Keiko is a certified BCRPA Weight Trainer and Personal Trainer. She has a very diverse fitness background and specializes in Pilates, strength training, martial arts/self-defense, older adults, balance and mobility, and group fitness.


Scovia is a CanfitPro Certified Personal Trainer. She specializes in strength training for introductory and novice fitness programs as well as Women’s only weight training and weight loss programs.


Finn’s specialties include rehab injuries, corrective posture, core training, acrobatic training, body weight training, mobility & flexibility training, and TRX training. He has an undergraduate with an emphasis on neuropsychology and human anatomy from UVIC, BCRPA Weight Training and Personal Training, and Older Adult.

Bill is a BCRPA fitness specialist in multiple areas including personal training. He has been certified as a personal trainer since November 2019. His area of expertise are strength building and maintenance for the 55+ population, balance and core training, and exercises for post cardiac incidents.

Patrik has been training since 2013. His specialties include strength and conditioning, rehabilitation (acute and chronic conditions), sport-specific training, soft tissue release and plant-base nutrition. Patrik is currently a Master of Kinesiology student at UBC, holds a Bachelor of Kinesiology  at UBC, a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (in progress), and practicing Kinesiologist (BCAK).

Marvyn has been training since spring of 2021. He specializes in power building/weight training, calisthenics/functional fitness, HIIT/athletic performance, and combat style. Marvyn is currently working on his Sport Science Diploma and has a multi-sport background (main sport being taekwondo). He also has his BCRPA Personal Training certificate.