Are you ready to play the True or False Creek Walking Game?

Are you ready to play to True or False Walking Game – 3.2 km?

Preteen & Youth Programs

Learn a new sport, practice skills, gain a certification, or meet new friends.
Programs that run June to August are now open for viewing online!
Registration starts Saturday March 12.

Tennis Lessons 19+ yrs

Tennis Lessons for all skill levels. Learn or improve your game.Take a lesson or join a club.
Programs that run June to August are now open for viewing online!
Registration starts Saturday March 12.

Spring & Summer 2022 Recreation Programs

Spring Programs registration starts Saturday, March 12.
From fitness classes, to dance, tennis drills, and everything in between you can now view our program offerings.

Job Opportunity: Certified Personal Trainer

The False Creek Community Centre is seeking for certified Personal Trainers who are enthusiastic, professional, and have a flexible schedule. Must be highly motivated, organized and obtain strong...

Seniors Programs

Recreational and leisure activities, social clubs, volunteer programs and civic participation opportunities.Affordable recreational, sport, fitness and general interest programs to help keep you active, explore a passion, or try something new.
Programs that run June to August are now open for viewing online!
Registration starts Saturday March 12.

Adult & Seniors Programs

A variety of registered and drop-in programs to enrich your life! Learn a new skill or improve existing ones, meet new people or participate with friends, stay fit all while having fun. Break from the everyday grind and participate in something you love!
Programs that run June to August are now open for viewing online!
Registration starts Saturday March 12.

Fitness Centre is Open

We are super excited to announce that the False Creek Fitness Centre is open. Welcome Back!

Personal Training


Fitness is for Everyone!

Research has shown that a fitness lifestyle improves muscular balance, circulation, boosts the immune system and combats stress, fatigue, hypertension, depression and obesity.

Let our staff assist you in creating a fitness lifestyle for yourself.

Our fitness professionals work with you to identify goals, customize a specific program & maximize the benefits of your training routine. Personal Training Packages include the option of 1, 3, 5 or 10 sessions & the option to ‘Train with a Friend’. Age requirement is 16+ years old.

Individual sessions are 1 hour & 2 person sessions are 1.25 hours.

*Please allow 3-5 business days from the date of sessions purchased for the Trainer to contact you.

Complete and return our personal training information package and return it to our front desk. We then contact the personal trainer of your choice so that they may contact you for a scheduled appointment.

1 client (private training)

2 clients (semi-private)

1 session


3 sessions


3 session


5 session


5 session


10 sessions


10 session


GST excluded in fees.
Prices subject to change.


Our Trainers

Bill is a graduate of Saint Andrews University in Scotland and from Queen’s in Kingston Ontario (Psychology: Sleep laboratory). A fully qualified accountant who turned his attention away from the balance sheet towards the balanced body. He has his BCRPA certifications in weight training Osteofit, and personal training, focusing on older adults.

Brenlee has been training since 2018 and is certified as a BCRPA Personal Trainer, Weight Training, Older Adults, Supervisor of Fitness Leaders for Aquatics and also a National Lifeguard. She specializes in training with older adults and beginner/intermediate individuals. Brenlee enjoys swimming, biking, hiking, reading, music, and dancing!

Marvyn has multi-sport background, and his main sport being taekwondo (6yrs). He has obtained his BCRPA Personal Training certificate and a Sport Science Diploma (Kinesiology).

Keiko is a certified BCRPA Weight Trainer and Personal Trainer. She has a very diverse fitness background and specializes in Pilates, strength training, martial arts/self defense, older adults, balance and mobility, and group fitness.

Scovia is a CanfitPro Certified Personal Trainer. She specializes in strength training for introductory and novice fitness programs as well as Women’s only weight training and weight loss programs.

Patrik has been training since April 2019. He is a BCRPA certified personal trainer with a Sports Science Diploma. He is currently working on completing his Bachelor of Kinesiology. Patrik specializes in weight training, functional training, fitness for beginners and older adults.

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