True or False Creek Walking Game-3.2km

Welcome to True or False Creek game focusing on promoting an understanding of sustainability. Follow the blue signs to False Creek Community Centre or Science World.

There are 5 questions in total: Be a sustainability detective; try to find them all!

Concept and design by Alexa Bailey. Thanks to the participating community groups who provided questions and answers, and support.

False Creek is a good place for a swim.

A City of Vancouver and Vancouver Coastal Health sign with the word WARNING in big red letters. It also says WATER NOT SUITABLE FOR SWIMMING in smaller black letters. It includes a symbol of a person swimming with a red circle and a line running through it.


Safe swimming starts with areas safe from hazards. You need easy access and egress (get in & out easily). There are no designated swim areas in False Creek right now.

Why? List at least 2 you can think of…

  1. False Creek is a busy waterway. Boats of all kinds, like commercial vessels and ferries are constantly on the move. It is home to marinas, docks, & paddling centres, with few sheltered areas.
  2. There are a few spots where swimming might be possible. BUT there are public health advisories saying the water is: Not Suitable for Swimming!

It’s been well-known by water experts that False Creek is not yet suitable for swimming because of pollution. Improving water quality continues to be a focus.

Take Time To – Spot…

How many recreational activities in the Creek do you see?
Are some safer than others? Why do you think so?

Popular recreational waters, including False Creek, are regularly analyzed by Metro Vancouver at the Metro Vancouver Regional District Water Quality Laboratory.

Diving in deeper

Local authorities compare results to the Canadian Recreational Water Guidelines. Recreational water is considered safe if the “geometric mean” (special kind of average) – is under 200 E.coli/100mL. If the geometric mean exceeds 200 E.coli/100 mL, or in the event of a known hazard or spill, the local Medical Health Officer makes an assessment of the risk to human health. If there is a risk, a warning sign is posted at the location stating “Water is not suitable for Swimming.” Water quality data and results are communicated on the Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) website. So next time you’re planning a day at the beach, check the water quality results on their webpage.

Clue for Next Question:

Going West

Find the next question by the marina.

Going East

Find the Creekside Community Centre, scan the QR code then head to the island with large rock stepping stones leading to it.