The False Creek Community Centre Association is seeking an experienced Pottery Technician to assist with leading and managing the pottery studio.

Qualifications include:

  • Relevant pottery experience
  • Knowledge and experience with operating and firing kilns
  • Previous pottery studio management is an asset
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Excellent organizational skills

Instructor Type: Contractor

Job Roles & Rate

Pottery Technician $22/hour
Kiln Firing


The schedule is flexible. Hours will be based on an average of 4-6 per week. Additional hours require the permission of the Programmer.


Role of the Pottery Studio Technician

• Maintain a safe and technically sound studio environment.
• Support and encourage the artistic and technical development of all studio users.
• Ensure clear communication with the Pottery studio, instructors and Recreation Programmer.
• Promote a co-operative atmosphere and encourage the safe participation of all users.


Responsibilities of the Pottery Studio Technician

Health & Safety

• Maintain health & safety concerning equipment use and pottery practices.
• Ensure that WHMIS safety standards are maintained.
• Provide MSDS labelling for all materials.
• Enforce all Studio practices and procedures.
• Offer information and demonstrations concerning proper use of pottery studio equipment.

Relating to Pottery Studio Users

• Provide artistic and technical advice and guidance concerning pottery practices.
• Assist programming staff in organizing classes and workshops.
• Assist in resolving conflict between users.
• Enforce studio policies and report infractions to the Recreation Programmer.

Pottery Studio Maintenance

• Order and maintain inventory of all pottery materials and equipment.
• Perform routine maintenance & repair or arrange for the repair of equipment; ensure proper maintenance/repair records are kept.
• Test and introduce new glazes and materials as needed.
• Load/unload and maintain kilns as required.


• Communicate with and monitor the instructors and studio users with respect to the use and operation of the studio for lessons and membership.
• Report to the Programmer and keep them informed about pertinent issues for all aspects of the operation of the studio.
• Consult with the Programmer regarding the Pottery Studio budget.
• Post signs, notices, memos, etc, regarding policies & procedures, as needed.
• Report all building maintenance issues to appropriate False Creek Community Centre staff.


Other related duties as required.

Please send your cover letter and resume to the Recreation Programmer,

Application Deadline: Open until position is filled