Women’s Recreational Basketball – Tuesdays 7:30 to 9:30pm

Games are organized by the players. Registration only. No drop-ins permitted at this time.

Creative Hatha Yoga w/Hana

Classes begin with a short grounding exercise, followed by a variety of poses, and finishing with a relaxing savasana. Keep your body limber and come do yoga! Beginners welcome.

Low Impact Fitness Fridays

This is a low impact/low intensity fitness class that focuses on proper techniques using your body weight and minimal fitness equipment to develop and increase your fitness level. No cardio.

Tabata Style Boot Camp Starts Sept 24

This Boot Camp class will challenge yourself! Go at your own pace or push that extra mile to set the bar. Keiko will encourage you and challenge your fitness goals. Enjoy the variety of exercises that will be incorporated in this class!

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Welcome to False Creek Community Centre!

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