True or False Creek Walking Game-3.2km

Welcome to True or False Creek game focusing on promoting an understanding of sustainability. Follow the blue signs to False Creek Community Centre or Science World.

There are 5 questions in total: Be a sustainability detective; try to find them all!

Concept and design by Alexa Bailey. Thanks to the participating community groups who provided questions and answers, and support.

False Creek was human-made; that’s how it got its name.

Beautiful canoes on the edge of False Creek are depicted in the foreground, displaying indigenous art. The canoe in the bottom left corner displays a whale. In the background is part of Vancouver’s skyline with many grey skyscrapers and trees.

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In the 1850’s when surveying the area, George Henry Richards incorrectly thought he was crossing a creek. Upon realizing his error, he named the water body “False Creek”.

Originally, “False Creek” was a waterway shared by the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations, prized for its rich flora and fauna and known for its sandbars. For more information see Maracle, Lee. “Goodbye, Snauq.”

One of these sandbars was located where Granville Island currently is. It was the foundation for the Granville Island we know today. The sand bar can clearly be seen in this photo:

Clue for Next Question:

Going East

Find the next question by the marina.