False Creek Community Association

The False Creek Community Centre Association (FCCA) is driven by a volunteer board of directors jointly operating in partnership with the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation to provide recreational, educational, and social activities and services to residents and visitors of the False Creek Community .  Our volunteer Board of Directors helps to ensure the Centre remains focused on delivering a safe, healthy and dynamic environment for all patrons

False Creek Community Association’s (FCCA) mission is to provide and operate a Community Centre that serves the educational, cultural, recreational, athletic and social needs of the citizens of Vancouver, in particular the Fairview/False Creek community.

Executive Team 2018-2019:

President                                           Ethan Astaneh
Vice-President                                   Julia Hayos
Treasurer                                           David Kwong
Secretary                                           Sheila Page

Board of Directors:

Judy McFarlen, Karen Addie, Mimi Luk, Dierdre Bradshaw, Liam Menard, Pascale Rozad, Sandra Sioui, Howard Teasley

 The Board of Directors of the False Creek Community Association needs your energy and ideas!

What does the Board do?
The Board of Directors deals with all matters of concern to the Community Centre and is responsible for arranging recreation programs to suit the needs of the False Creek Community.

Who can be a Director?
The Board consists of 15 members of various ages with a variety of backgrounds and experience. The only requirement for nomination is a membership (free) with the Community Centre.

How much time is involved?
The Board meets once a month where the meetings last approximately 2 hours. It is recommended that members also volunteer to sit on one other committee dealing with specific matters. These committees hold meetings once a month lasting approximately 2 hours.

How do I Run for Election?
False Creek Community Association’s Annual General Meeting is held every May. Information sessions regarding election will be held every Spring.  Anyone interested running for election must submit expressions of interest no later than the end of March.

In addition to board positions, there are many other volunteer positions available that would help the Association to meet the needs of the public to the best of our ability.

Contact the Community Centre at falsecreekcc@vancouver.ca or call 604.257.6998 for more information.


False Creek Community Association Fall 2018 Message

False Creek Community Association Fall 2018 Message

As you transition from routines of summer into those of fall, consider the programs and facilities at the False Creek Community Centre. A place for all ages, the Centre offers child care as well as activities that cater to the energetic and inquiring spirits of tots...

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