Winter 2022 Recreation Programs

Winter Programs run January to April
Registration starts Saturday, December 11.
From fitness classes, to dance, tennis drills, and everything in between you can now view our program offerings.

Are you ready to play the True or False Creek Walking Game?

Are you ready to play to True or False Walking Game – 3.2 km?

Adult Programs Winter 2022

Programs that run January to April  are now open for viewing online!
Winter registration starts on Saturday, December 11.

Senior’s Programs Winter 2022

Programs that run January to April are now open for viewing online!
Winter registration starts on Saturday, December 11.

Special Events & Family Programs

Programs that run January to April are now open for viewing online!
Winter Solstice, Birthday Parties & Parent & Tot Gym
Winter registration starts on Saturday, December 11.

Preschool & Children’s Programs Winter 2022

Programs that run January to March are now open for viewing online! See below to view all programs Winter registration starts on...

The Fitness Centre is open!

Fitness Centre Visit our two level Fitness Centre! Get started on that active lifestyle in the False Creek Fitness Centre, the best kept secret on Granville Island. Improve or maintain your fitness...

Preteen & Youth Programs Winter 2022

Preteen & Youth Winter Programs Registration starts on Saturday December 11

28th Annual Winter Solstice Lantern Festival
(All Ages)- Dec 21

The winter solstice marks the gentle shift of our planet’s eternal relationship with the sun. This dance of sun and earth has inspired celebrations of the human spirit, expressed through art and...

False Creek Community Association

The False Creek Community Association (FCCA) is driven by a volunteer board of directors jointly operating in partnership with the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation to provide recreational, educational, and social activities and services to residents and visitors of the False Creek Community .  Our volunteer Board of Directors helps to ensure the Centre remains focused on delivering a safe, healthy and dynamic environment for all patrons

False Creek Community Association’s (FCCA) mission is to provide and operate a Community Centre that serves the educational, cultural, recreational, athletic and social needs of the citizens of Vancouver, in particular the Fairview/False Creek community.

Executive Team 2021-2022:

President                                           Liam Menard
Vice-President                                   Shawna Deagle
Treasurer                                           Tessa MacDougall
Secretary                                           Valerie Nufer

Board of Directors:

Christine Mayston, Christopher Lim, Howard Teasley, Liam Menard, Linda Vu,Taylor Stacey, Arthur Corber, Emily Crawford, Greg Freisinger, Janice Clements, Reza Afzali, Susan Jiang


The Board of Directors of the False Creek Community Association needs your energy and ideas!

What does the Board do?
The Board of Directors deals with all matters of concern to the Community Centre and is responsible for arranging recreation programs to suit the needs of the False Creek Community.

Who can be a Director?
The Board consists of 15 members of various ages with a variety of backgrounds and experience. The only requirement for nomination is a membership (free) with the Community Centre.

How much time is involved?
The Board meets once a month where the meetings last approximately 2 hours. It is recommended that members also volunteer to sit on one other committee dealing with specific matters. These committees hold meetings once a month lasting approximately 2 hours.

How do I Run for Election?
False Creek Community Association’s Annual General Meeting is held every May. Information sessions regarding election will be held.  Anyone interested running for election must submit expressions of interest no later two month prior to the scheduled meeting date.

In addition to board positions, there are many other volunteer positions available that would help the Association to meet the needs of the public to the best of our ability.

Contact the Community Centre at or call 604.257.6998 for more information.

Reports & Downloads

The FCCA has approved the following 2021 retained earnings plan:
$500k towards the Alderbay Dock renewal
$190k towards the kitchen upgrade, and new lobby furniture
$150k towards other Strategic Plan initiatives (expanded licensed child care and seniors programs)
$275k in operational reserve.