True or False Creek Walking Game-3.2km

Welcome to True or False Creek game focusing on promoting an understanding of sustainability. Follow the blue signs to False Creek Community Centre or Science World.

There are 5 questions in total: Be a sustainability detective; try to find them all!

Concept and design by Alexa Bailey. Thanks to the participating community groups who provided questions and answers, and support.

Beavers live in False Creek.

A collage of three photos with a black background. The photo on the left side depicts a beaver. In the top right corner is a 2010 five cent Canadian coin (a nickel) with a beaver on it. The bottom right corner has a picture of a beaver tail dessert – chocolate topped fried dough, wrapped in a red sleeve that says beavertails in fancy lettering.


The presence of beavers in the Creek is a good sign for its renewed health. You can follow Vancouver Beaver at this twitter account:

Take Time to – Look at these videos

See if you can spot the beaver in its home (its lodge).

Can you see signs of where the beaver might have been at work ?
Tip: Check out the creek near the dog park and playground.

Did you know that the Beaver is featured on Canada’s 5 cent coin?

Gross or Good? Ever tried a beaver tail?
It is so delicious, especially on a cold day with a cup of hot chocolate. (Don’t worry, it’s not a real beaver tail.)

Can you list other facts about beavers, like:

  • Why are beavers’ teeth orange?
  • What is the difference between a beaver dam and its lodge?
  • Do other animals benefit from a beaver making a dam? If yes, how?


Check out for more about beavers.

Clue for Next Question:

Going West

Find the waterpark. Right beside it is a community centre. Your last clue can be found in the door window.  

Going East

Find the next question either where plates and bowls are made or in the “friendly” café.